On-Site Machining Australia

Supplying solutions to your on-site machining needs

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OMA is an on-site machining company that supplies solutions to your specific requirements. We have over 20 years of experience in the on-site machining industry working in various industries such as the mining sector.
At OMA we design and build our own machinery for specific tasks to achieve the best result for the client. As well as engineering specific jigging to allow any machining equipment to fit your job.
One of the many projects OMA has been a part of required us to design and engineer a clamping system for a conventional Line Boring tool. This was to fit to a clevis then drill out and collapse the main pin by machining. This work was all completed offshore, on an oil rig facility where all tooling had to be intrinsically safe.
Our large Slew Mill can re-machine most surfaces in less than 2 shifts including setup and final inspection.
OMA uses the industry best in Flatness laser survey equipment to give pre and post machining reports. The detailed reports show all the information necessary to make best decisions for your machining needs.

XY Milling

Large onsite Milling Up to 2M X 6M

Slew Milling

Circular Milling Up to 5.5M

Line Boring

any size bores , please call for information.

Flatness Survey

Laser inspection of surface for machining requirements.